The Artsy Designer 🎨

She loves EyeCandys Pink Label Rio Grey Violet!

"I love these lenses! The color is so vivid but still blends nicely with my natural eye color. They’re such a quirky pair and everyone always asks me where I got them!"

— Olivia, Senior Designer

The Style-Savvy Marketer 📱

She recommends EyeCandys Pink Label Glossy Ivory!

"I love how simple and elegant these lenses look! They go with everything and add just the right amount of color to my everyday looks."

— Jessica, Marketing Director

The Chic Office Girl 💼

She loves EyeCandys Pink Label Hey Mish Brown!

"I’m obsessed with these lenses! It’s such a soft color but it instantly makes my eyes look wider and more awake. Definitely the prettiest monthlies I own."

— Sheila, Creative Manager

The Queer Baddie ❤️‍🔥

Riley likes EyeCandys Pink Label Soony Blue!

"Simply my favorite blue lens. It’s bold but doesn’t look costume-y at all! I love wearing them even on casual days."

— Riley, Head of Customer Success

The Office Programmer 👓

James recommends EyeCandys Pink Label Monthly Sumba Brown!

"I used to only wear transparent lenses, but these ones changed the game for me! They’re like my natural eye color but better. They still feel comfortable and not dry by the end of the day."

— James, Software Developer

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