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EyeCandys Glossy Hidrocor Ivory Color Contacts For Brown Eyes

You asked, and we answered. Once you guys demanded a colored lens with no limbal ring, we went to work and sourced this single-one design that you're sure to love. Why? 1. Glossy from EyeCandys contacts collection has zero limbal ring, meaning no harsh borders and a realistically-sized iris. 2. The coloration is totally smooth, non-pixellated and has intricate spokes to blend with the interior of your iris without blocking your pupil (and giving you tunnel vision)! Their simple, elegant design makes these EyeCandys contacts look ultra realistic with any skin tone or eye color. Glossy color contacts for brown eyes, in fact, effectively cover any underlying eye color - ranging from the darkest to the lightest shades. This lens is a dupe for Solotica Hidrocor Ocre or Cristal.

  • These Glossy Ivory lenses from EyeCandys contacts collection feature a creamy beige/taupe. It's a truly one-of-a-kind eye color that is hard to get with any other lens! Glossy Ivory is recommended for brown-eyed wearers who want to go 3-4 shades lighter. Suitable for light, yellow and brown skin tones
  • Available in non prescription only
  • Sold as a pair of 2 lenses
  • We would highly recommend carrying lubricating eye drops (specifically formulated for contact lenses) and a lens case while wearing these contact lenses.
  • EyeCandys Glossy contact lenses should be disposed of no later than 6 months after opening the vials.

Your dream lens - delivering pure, blended coloration - is here, so what are you waiting for? #Sweetenupyourlook with these irresistible EyeCandys contacts today!

0.00 ~ -8.00
14.2 mm
12.7 mm
6 months
Good for dark eyes
Korea KGMP, Korea FDA, EU ISO/CE
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Glossy Ivory

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4.78 (116)
The color is beautiful. My friends kept looking at me and couldn’t figure out what was different about me! - Mandy L
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