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Doll Eye Contact Lenses: Completing the Gyaru Look

Gyaru Dolly Style

Have you ever heard of Gyaru? If not, then let me give you a quick description. Gyaru is a Japanese fashion trend that combines glamour with girlish style. The trend is said to break all rules that seem to apply as regards what’s considered pretty. It is characterized by the use of beauty accessories such as wigs or hair extensions, acrylic nails, and doll eye contact lenses. Knowing the basics will help you determine if this style suits you or not.

Gyaru Hairdo

The Gyaru hairstyle is generally big and puffy, and there are girls who achieve the look by making their hair curly. Styling mousse is often used to achieve the desired volume. Styling your hair in this fashion can take time, which is why some girls opt to wear wigs instead. It’s also common to accessorize with a big bow, an attractive headband, or a pair of attractive sunglasses.

Gyaru Makeup

Girls who follow this fashion trend often use very little foundation and concealer. They also keep cheek and lip tint minimal. The focus of Gyaru makeup is often in the eyes. Dark eyeliners and false eyelashes are typically used to emphasize the eyes. It is also common to see girls using doll eye contact lenses to make their eyes look bigger and rounder, and to make them sparkle.

Sweet Gyaru Look Makeup

A sweet gyaru makeup look using Royal Vision Girly Chip Latte Brown colored contacts.

There is even a specific variety of Gyaru (Agejo) that’s characterized by enlarged eyes. The aim of the Agejo style is to appear flawlessly desirable and glamorous. To achieve another Gyaru variety, known as Banba, girls use extreme-looking false eyelashes and doll eye contact lenses in stunning colors. This style is characterized by dark, dramatic colors.

BiiBii Beauty Gyaru Eye Makeup Look

Gorgeous gyaru eye makeup courtesy of BiiBii Beauty. Pictured: GEO Sparkling Brown cosmetic lenses.

Gyaru Nails

The nails are also a defining characteristic of Gyaru fashion. Common nail polish colors like red and silver are out for this style. Rather, those who follow Gyaru fashion go for attention-grabbing and dramatic nail art. To achieve their desired look, it’s not uncommon for girls to attach photorealistic stickers onto their nails. These stickers typically have designs like flowers, gems, and bows, among other things. There are also those who apply glittering nail polish to achieve the look they want for their nails. Where Gyaru nails are concerned, you can really let your creative juices flow freely.

Gyaru Clothing

We can’t talk about fashion without talking about clothes. Clothing style will depend on the variety of Gyaru you choose to follow. In general, though, Gyaru is characterized by a fun and youthful look that’s very classy.

So, if you feel that this fashion trend is something that’ll suit you, get your hair extensions, nail art, clothing, and doll eye contact lenses out and hit the streets! Remember, one of the most important factors that spell the success of Gyaru fashion is confidence. Whatever variety of Gyaru you choose to follow, you have to be assured that you look good in it. Other people may not have the same fashion sense, but as long as you keep your head up while you strut your stuff, you’re good to go!

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