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Why Choose Big Eye Contact Lenses Over Regular Colored Contacts?

GEO Doll Eye Contacts

Circle or big eye lenses are worn mostly by people who want brighter and bigger eyes. Initially considered as a fashion accessory popular among cosplay and anime lovers, big eye contact lenses have invaded the mainstream fashion industry. While many say they’re just part of a fad or trend, others are saying otherwise. They believe that circle lenses are better than regular colored ones. There are many reasons why.

I - The Differences

Circle contact lenses and regular colored lenses may look the same, but they actually differ in several aspects.

  • Big eye contacts have lenses with bigger radius. The tinted area of big eye contacts covers not only the eyes’ irises, but also the outer rim of the lens. This is what helps create the illusion of bigger and brighter eyes. They are also thicker than the regular contacts, although they’re basically soft lenses. Regular lenses do not have color tint and are transparent.
  • There is more variety in terms of design and style for big eye contacts. There are even big eye contact lenses that are customized according to customers’ preferences.
  • Since they are soft contact lenses, big eye contacts are more comfortable to wear compared to the regular ones.
  • Big eye contacts have a one-year usage period. Regular contacts come with daily, monthly, or yearly prescription.
  • Change in eye color complements natural eye color when one wear circle contacts. Regular contacts give off a more natural look.
  • Regular lenses need doctor’s prescription, while big eye contacts can be purchased without prescription.
  • Although big eye contact lenses are available mostly at online stores, they’re more practical and less expensive than regular contacts.

II - Reasons for Use

  • Aside from the chance to achieve better looks, big eye contacts also help one to experiment with creativity. Circle contact lenses are popular choices during comic and cosplay conventions because they make an individual stand out in a crowd and/or make them look more like the character they are impersonating. They minimize the need to put on layers upon layers of cosmetics in order to achieve the desired anime look.
  • Some fashion industry leaders and celebrities use circle lenses on their models to achieve the kind of sophisticated, seductive, and glamorous look that glows on the runway.
  • Big eyes contacts are perfect for women with discriminating tastes in fashion. Instead of spending thousands on eyelash extensions or cosmetic eye surgeries, they only need to buy a pair of colored big eye contacts to get the look that they want.

III - Care and Cleaning

  • Compared to regular lenses, colored circle contacts require more care and cleaning. It is important to regularly clean and soak the lenses using a lens care solution.
  • It is also important to exercise precautions in handling circle or big eye contact lenses. Do not use the lenses for an extended period (8 to 10 hours or more). Do not use them while swimming or while engaged in activities that involve water or getting wet.
  • Lastly, compared to regular lenses, big eye contacts dry up more easily. So it is important to follow correct lens wear procedure.
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