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FAQ: How to Get a Prescription for Colored Contacts

FAQ: How to Get a Prescription for Colored Contacts - EyeCandys

Colored contacts can be a fun and transformative way to change up your look or achieve the perfect cosplay character. But unlike some non-prescription colored contacts you might see online, EyeCandys prioritizes your eye health and safety. That's why we recommend getting a prescription for colored contacts. Here's how to do it:

1. Schedule an Eye Exam

Patient undergoing an eye exam with a phoropter

The first step is to schedule a comprehensive eye exam with a licensed ophthalmologist or optometrist. This exam will assess your overall eye health, check for any underlying conditions, and determine your specific prescription needs.

2. Discuss Colored Contacts

Two women discussing colored contact lens options during an eye exam

During your exam, let your eye doctor know you're interested in colored contacts. They can discuss your options, including:

  • Visibility Needs: Do you require corrective lenses or are you looking for purely cosmetic colored contacts?

  • Desired Look: What kind of color or effect are you hoping to achieve?

  • Comfort Considerations: Your doctor can advise on different lens materials and durations (daily, weekly, etc.) based on your preferences and eye health.

3. Fitting and Trial

Close-up of a person inserting a contact lens into their eye

Once your doctor has determined your prescription and chosen colored contact options, they will likely perform a fitting. This ensures the lenses fit your eyes comfortably and properly. You might also be offered trial lenses to wear for a short period to test comfort and vision clarity.

4. Obtaining Your Prescription

Stethoscope and pen on a prescription pad. Image related to obtaining an eye prescription for colored contact lenses, highlighting the importance of professional consultation and accurate prescription for safe and effective use of contact lenses.

After a successful fitting and exam, your doctor will provide you with a contact lens prescription. This document will specify:

  • Your eye health information

  • Base Curve (BC): The curvature of the back of the contact lens that needs to match your cornea shape.

  • Diameter (DIA): The overall size of the contact lens.

  • Power (PWR): Your corrective lens power (if applicable).

  • Brand and name of the colored contacts (if chosen during your exam).

EyeCandys Makes Getting Colored Contacts Easy

EyeCandys offers a wide range of vibrant, comfortable colored contacts. When you purchase from us, we offer clear instructions and resources to ensure safe and enjoyable use of your lenses.

Additional Tips:

  1. Always follow your eye doctor's instructions for wearing, cleaning, and storing your colored contacts.

  2. Never share colored contacts with others, as this can spread eye infections.

  3. Schedule regular eye exams to monitor your eye health and ensure your prescription remains accurate.

With a valid prescription and the right information, getting colored contacts can be a safe and fun way to express yourself. EyeCandys is here to help you achieve your desired look while prioritizing your eye health!

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