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The Kpop Idol "Look" That Has Everyone Talking

The Kpop Idol "Look" That Has Everyone Talking

The Korean Contact Lens Craze

These K-Pop Eye-dols are Here to Slay

K-Pop has swept the world off its feet with its selection of indulgent music, matchless choreography, and undeniably good-looking idols. With their skyrocketting popularity, they paved the way for other Korean trends to soar: from the latest fashion to the hippest makeup, and now, to the latest korean contact lenses.

Koreans have a strong love for doll eyes, and our K-Pop idols are no exception. They are famous for experimenting on different eye colors which they use for music videos, photo shoots, shows, or even daily. Soon enough, kpop idol contact lenses have become widely popular to spice up a natural look or to create an adventurous look.

We totally get what the eye rave is all about, which is why we prepared a go-to guide to achieve the stunning eyes of our most favorite idols:

Jennie of Blackpink

1. Jennie of Blackpink

Jennie’s natural brown doll-like eyes are definitely her most popular feature. But when she tries to play with colors, magic just happens and we all want what she has. This Comeback photo of Jennie has people talking about her striking grey peepers. Her already beautiful eyes makes a great canvas for a stunning tone of grey that looks realistic on her.

2. Lisa of Blackpink

Our Blackpink maknae has got us starstruck by her naturally big gorgeous eyes. She’s got a knack for trying out different korean contact lenses--- from grey, blue, brown, and green. We could all agree that she looks amazing with any color, but her brown eyes are what we love most. Her brown eyes create a popping effect while maintaining a natural look.

Lisa of Blackpink
Sehun of EXO

3. Sehun of EXO

EXO’s beloved maknae and main dancer Sehun is one of the most acclaimed talented, good-looking men in the K-pop industry. His subtle deep grey eyes are enough to keep us staring and we’re not complaining.

4. Baekhyun of EXO

Aside from EXO’s Baekhyun’s admirable talent, we continue to be enthralled by his handsome puppy eyes. His iconic burgundy eyeshadow and eyeliner are just as beautiful as the eyes they accentuate. Baekhyun’s blue eyes create the dreamy look we couldn’t resist.

Baekhyun of EXO
Taemin of SHINee

5. Taemin of SHINee

We’ve all witnessed Taemin’s career journey through the years and if there is something that goes unnoticeably better and better besides his fame is his refined look. His remarkable grey eyes inserts a teasing dimension to his sophisticated look.

6. Min Gyu of Seventeen

With Min Gyu’s boy-next-door looks, it’s no wonder why he is Seventeen’s visual. He continues to captivate us with his narrow ebony eyes, creating a full effect that draws in attention and leaves us speechless. Min Gyu’s peepers are full proof that one could never go wrong with black.

Min Gyu of Seventeen
Taeyeon of Girls' Generation

7. Taeyeon of Girls' Generation

While Taeyeon has become a household name for her soulful vocals, she has also got people talking about her stunning looks that are heavily attributed to her doll eyes. She is known to have the perfect eyes even with her trying out different colors from time to time. But one color that appears to stand out the most are her frozen grey eyes. The light grey tones further accentuate her big, captivating eyes while maintaining a natural look.

8. Jungkook of BTS

Our Golden Maknae is golden for a reason. Not only is he superbly talented, he is gifted with dashing looks that instantly capture our hearts. Jungkook’s semi-round eyes are already inviting on their own, yet when he pops in his bright blue lenses, his innocent eyes transform into a slick and sultry look.

Jungkook of BTS
Yerin of GFriend

9. Yerin of GFriend

As GFriend’s visual, Yerin is definitely one to look out for. With her angelic face and undeniable talent in singing and dancing, she has made her way as one of K-Pop’s sweethearts. While we can’t help but bop our heads to her band’s tunes, we also couldn’t hold ourselves back from staring into her black doe eyes in awe.

10. Jimin of BTS

Army or non-army, we sure have eyes for Jimin. We all know that his contagious eye smile is just as breathtaking as his bewitching eyes. He’s no stranger to the kpop idol contact lenses trend as seen in his love for different contacts. We especially love his intense blue eyes as they create a pop from his deep-set eyes.

Jimin of BTS
Irene of Red Velvet

11. Irene of Red Velvet

Who can resist Irene’s mystical eyes? Irene’s radiant beauty on and off stage is known to charm everyone. With her beautiful almond-shaped eyes, it’s unsurprising that her eyes are her fan’s favorite feature. While we love her natural eye color, we can’t help but notice how grey eyes create an entrancing effect on her look.

12. Tzuyu of TWICE

Tzuyu has been a consistent top placer on the TC Candler’s Top 100 Most Beautiful Faces for the past years. As TWICE’s maknae and visual, Tzuyu attributes her pretty face to her wide cat-like eyes. Whether she’s your TWICE bias or not, you’d certainly love her charming big brown eyes.

Tzuyu of TWICE
Momo of TWICE

13. Momo of TWICE

TWICE’s sweetheart Momo has become quite popular because of her flawless dancing skills. Her remarkable skills are mostly what people recognize, but if we look closely, we’ll see how her big brown round eyes complement her facial features that create the subtle beauty that we can’t take our eyes off.

14. Yoona of Girls' Generation

As part of one of the world’s most popular girl groups to date,we are on the lookout for what Yoona is up to. We’ve grown to love Yoona for her remarkable vocals and gorgeous face. One of our favorite looks of Yoona is where eyes sport a striking brown that creates a sultry vibe to her elegant look.

Yoona of Girls' Generation
Seulgi of Red Velvet

15. Seulgi of Red Velvet

Contrary to Korean doll eyes and double eyelid standards, Red Velvet’s Seulgi’s natural monolid peepers make a statement that caused huge public attention in the best possible way. Her deep brown eyes qualify as either the cutest or the sexiest eyes whichever way Seulgi wants it and she never disappoints.

16. PONY

With over 5 million followers on Instagram, a 3.2 million following on Youtube and a most recent feature on Harper’s Bazaar, PONY has definitely got the world under her contagious PONY syndrome. A lover of color, she’s not one to be intimidated by vibrant colors as seen in her hair and nail color, make-up, fashion, and even contact lens choices. In fact, PONY launched her lens collaboration with Lenstown named 1STREET by PONY where she put her stylish skills to 4 creations. While everything on the menu is stunning, we especially love her bright blue eyes that offer a little pop of color from her pink style palette. If you're one to go for a bolder look, let PONY do the teaching with her chic green eyes.

PONY by PONY Make-up

Let’s come in full circle with our roundup as we feature one of Korea’s newest and freshest boy groups: Wanna One! They are quite popular in the kpop idol color contact lenses trend as they are often seen wearing contacts. Here’s a short preview of our beloved boys copping the korean contact lenses trend in style!

Black Eyes

Kang Daniel of Wanna One

Kang Daniel

While Kang Daniel’s two-color contact lenses was a spectacle, his deep dark eyes are just as an iconic view.

Woojin of Wanna One
Jinyoung of Wanna One

Woojin & Jinyoung

Main rapper and dancer Woojin’s black eyes are nothing but adorable. Jinyoung’s sharp features are well complemented by his black almond-shaped eyes.

Blue Eyes

Jisung & Daehwi

More than his meme-worthy facial expressions, Wanna One’s leader Jisung amazes with his ocean blue eyes. Daehwi’s deep sea eyes create a dazzling effect on his precious faultless face.

Jisung of Wanna One
Daehwi of Wanna One

Seongwoo & Jaehwan

We absolutely love Seongwoo’s natural eye color as it gives a piercing look, but there’s just something special about his icy blue eyes that perfectly give an innocent aura to his look. If Seongwoo can sport blue eyes with an innocent look, Jaehwan can cop the sultry look with his bright blue eyes.

Jaehwan of Wanna One

Brown Eyes

Guanlin of Wanna Brown

Sungwoon & Guanlin

Main vocalist Sungwoon’s creamy brown eyes are a picturesque view we can stare at all day. Guanlin’s mocha brown doe eyes are a favorite by many and we can’t look away.

Jihoon of Wanna One

Jihoon & Minhyun

We are totally head over heels for pretty boy Jihoon’s natural soft brown eyes. His stunning blue eye contacts were certainly a hype, but nothing beats the original. Minhyun’s perfect anime-like features swoon Wannables over and over again. His dark brown almond eyes are absolutely to die for.

We’re pretty much convinced that a hundred million to a billion following worldwide is enough to know that these stars are style gems and are enough to catapult the growing kpop idol contact lenses trend to a blockbuster. From Irene’s sultry grey eyes to Wanna One’s love for different colored contacts--- everyone’s joining in the style bandwagon and where else do we look to snag the best eye pieces out there? Yep, you guessed it! Eyecandy’s has got you covered!

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