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Latest Dates of Christmas Posting

To ensure that all parcels arrive before Christmas time, clients should hand in their items for shipment on or before the latest day of posting for major destinations.

Below are the latest posting dates advised by the Hong Kong Post:

 Destination Last Date for Christmas Airmail
Canada November 13
Brazil November 19
United Kingdom November 22
Germany November 26
USA November 26
Philippines November 28
India November 28
Portugal November 29
New Zealand November 30
Thailand November 30
Australia December 1
Indonesia December 1
Singapore December 1
France December 1
Malaysia December 3
Argentina December 3
Taiwan December 4
Japan December 5
Italy December 5
Spain December 5
China, Mainland December 7
South Korea December 7
Netherlands December 8
Switzerland December 8


For more details on this notice, you may check the complete list of destinations and the corresponding posting dates on the Hong Kong Post website.

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