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Cosplay & Halloween Contact Lenses

For years, people have spent Halloween donning costumes and putting on makeup to make themselves look scary for a costume party. For years, the movie industry has used colored contact lenses for special effects, particularly in horror movies. Why not put these two ideas together this year and ramp your costume up with a pair of Halloween contact lenses that can make you look scarier than ever? The greatest thing about Halloween is the freedom to be whatever, or whoever, you wish to be - if only for one night! Dressing up for the holiday is one of the best ways to honor it. There are now oodles of hair and makeup products to help you pull off a new Halloween look. You can temporarily dye your hair, wear a wig, and choose from billions of eye shadow, lipstick, and foundation shades. But what about that one feature that’s always giving away your charade? Your eyes! We have the BEST accessory for Halloween - colored contact lenses.

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OTR Haruhana Daisy Grey Natural Color Contact Lens for Dark Eyes - EyeCandys
OTR Haruhana Daisy Grey Natural Color Contact Lens for Dark Eyes - EyeCandys
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Haruhana Daisy Grey


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We at EyeCandy’s take your style - everyday and special occasion - seriously! That’s why we carry a wide variety of Halloween contact lenses. There truly is something for every costume look! With the right contact lens, Halloween will be an event to remember! Can’t get enough of your new lenses - by all means, wear them daily! You can transform your look quickly and safely! When used according to manufacturer instructions, Halloween contact lenses are safe and comfortable to wear.

Some of our most popular Halloween lenses are sclera contacts. Sclera contacts feature a printed area that covers not just the iris, but the pupil as well. This allows you to achieve complex eye looks, like cat eyes, demon eyes, and more! There’s nothing natural about a look with sclera contacts, but wearing them is absolutely safe - and can be just as comfortable as your favorite pair of colored contact lenses.

A pair of black sclera contacts can transform you in just moments into a chilling demon of the underworld! Demon eye contacts are so lifelike, your friends and family may have trouble looking you directly in the eye! Mini sclera contacts give the appearance of a much smaller pupil - just a smidge smaller than natural. Whether you choose a vibrant red or a more “realistic” color, mini sclera contacts will transform your look entirely.

With so much of today’s hot primetime TV featuring our favorite supernatural creatures, it’s no wonder one of the most-loved Halloween costumes is a variation on the long-feared zombie! With our white colored contacts, you can pull of a hot (or cool, as the case may be) zombie look that is sure to turn heads! These scary contacts are the best accessory for completing your Halloween look!

Among the sexiest of supernatural characters is the vampire. And who doesn’t want to feel sexy, beautiful, and alluring on All Hallow’s Eve? Vampire eye contacts are what every pair of fangs needs to complete a terrifyingly believable look! Whether you choose sparkling golden eyes or an oblong, mystifying shape is completely up to you! Either way, they’re eyes that will have even the most strong-willed mortal obeying your will.

Are you more Team Jacob than Team Edward? Never fear, we have werewolf contact lenses as well. Don’t let your eyes give you away when you’ve spent so much time carefully crafting your scary Halloween look! You’re covered in fur and sporting some sick canines - you can’t very well let your human eyes show through.

If you’re so deadly and terrifying that you actually breathe fire, you’ve got to have the right dragon eye contacts to match! What more mystical, mysterious, and feared creature of the medieval times - and what better way to pull off the look than by accessorizing your eyes.

If you’re looking to play an all-seeing character with a third eye, check out blind contacts, which give the appearance of cataracts causing blindness. Nothing is spookier than gazing into eyes that don’t give away any hint of what they see. Is she looking into your future… your past… your very soul? They will never know! It is completely your secret. What’s no secret is that you’ve NAILED your Halloween costume!

Halloween contact lenses come mostly in non-prescription. Our focus with this collection is offering you the most unique, vibrant lenses we can. As they’re mainly designed for one-day use, the emphasis is on the color, not the corrective power. This means Halloween prescription contacts are limited. But, when you see the gorgeous lenses we carry, we doubt you’ll be disappointed! And if you can’t go without correction, click your prescription power to the left to filter. You will find a few options that may fit your needs. The majority of our Halloween collection are designed for a yearly wear cycle. So, while you may not want to wear your Halloween or sclera lenses 365 consecutive days, with proper care and cleaning, that is an option!

This collection of costume lenses isn’t just for Halloween! You may just love them so much you choose to wear them more than once a year! The vivid colors available at EyeCandy’s make them the best cosplay contacts around! They’re the easiest way to transform your look and step into the role of one of your favorite characters, live-action or animated! Not all Halloween looks are scary and yours doesn’t have to be. The beauty of Halloween is that it’s totally up to you! We at EyeCandy’s pride ourselves in offering you the power of choice!

Can’t choose a color? There’s no need! Heterochromia is a rare condition affecting just 6 in 1000 - naturally that is! If you’ve ever met someone with heterochromia, you won’t soon forget them! It’s fascinating and you simply can’t look away! You, too, can experience heterochromia using contacts. And you don’t have to commit to just one color. Whether you want a minor difference such as one green and one hazel or a more extreme contrast like red and blue, all you need do is order your two favorite lenses and watch the magic unfold. There’s no better feeling than knowing that no matter how hard they try, others just can’t take their gaze from your beautiful, one-of-a-kind eyes.

EyeCandy’s even carries goofy printed contact lenses, like emojis, stars, and animal prints for a fun-loving unique look you can sport not just on Halloween, but any day you’re feeling a bit extra sassy! Galaxy contact lenses are one of the hottest new trends - and you don’t have to wonder why. These beautiful out-of-this-world prints are begging to be tried on for size! Is there really anything more beautiful than the wide solar system surrounding us? Whether you’re looking for a literal interpretation or colors inspired by the Aurora Borealis, we have a wide variety for you to peruse.

We believe that fashion is more than clothing - and beauty is more than hair and makeup. And we believe that both deserve the creativity and artistry of the very best designers! We endeavor to bring the work of the masters to you. If there’s a hot new cosplay or Halloween contact lens, you’ll find it here - made from quality, safe materials and at an affordable cost. There are no limits to the possible looks you can accomplish with our gorgeous colored contact lenses, Halloween or otherwise.

Turn heads when you step out in these bold and beautiful Halloween contact lenses. Available in a stunning assortment of designs and colors, these lenses are a must-have for perfecting your costume. Cosplaying as Naruto? Our red Sharingan eye contacts are the perfect finishing touch. Impersonating a Disney princess? Try bright blue contact lenses. Need to completely white-out your eyes? Our white contacts will do the job. Whether you're attending a cosplay event or entering a Halloween costume contest, these contacts will help you stand out in the crowd! With the right contact lens, Halloween looks WOW every time!