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Oriana Shade Brown

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i-Sha Oriana Shade Brown

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i-Sha Oriana Shade Brown Prescription Colored Contacts

Oriana colored contacts bring sparkle into your life. You'll see your eyes immediately glimmer straight after application. These brown contact lenses will not only brighten up your face but yout life as well. They'll become your favorite accessory and you won't want to leave the house without them. The standard size means they fit perfectly and it makes applying them all that easier.

You can choose between non-prescription and prescription colored contacts, so you can ditch the glasses and see in style. The extremely strong power of 0.00 ~ - 08.00 gives you everything you need to experience everything life has to offer. You won't want any other brown contact lenses after you give these a try. They have everything you need to look fabulous and they match every outfit. Get them while you can and even take a look at the other shades on offer to switch things up.

  • Brown contact lenses that provide you with that extra flair you've always wanted. You'll feel empowered the moment they're applied and look gorgeous all day long.
  • Available in both non prescription and myopia prescription (power 0.00 ~ -8.00)
  • Sold as a pair of 2 lenses
  • Made from the new material MPC providing hydrophilicity, lubricity, and flexibility!
  • These high quality lenses last a full month of daily wear when cleaned and cared for properly.

Oriana brown contact lenses are all you need in life. Wear them daily or take them out for a night on the town. Either way, there's no doubt you'll be looking gorgeous wherever you go. You'll be the envy of everyone and you'll no doubt get constant questions about where you got them from. We dare you to not fall in love with these lenses.

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i-Sha Oriana Shade Brown Colored Contacts on medium brown eyes

i-Sha Oriana Shade Brown Colored Contacts on medium brown eyes

i-Sha Oriana Shade Brown Colored Contacts on medium brown eyes

Power Range 0.00 ~ -8.00
Lens Diameter 14.2 mm
Graphic Diameter 12.6 mm
Base Curve 8.7
Water Content 43%
Replacement Cycle Monthly
Size Standard
Style Natural
Number of Tones 2
Material MPC Silicone hydrogel
Manufacturer i-Sha
Certification Korea KGMP, Korea FDA, EU ISO/CE

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Mae (Garland, US)
Preferred makeup style:
When to wear this lens: Casual outings, just once in a while, Night(s) out!, Cosplay/costume, Party/music festival
Great for an amplified look!

But not super suitable for daily use since the ring is a but too obvious. It does it give a doll-like look with bigger and more defined ring.

Thank you for the honest review and support, Mae! ❤️

Joan P. (Colonial Heights, US)
Preferred makeup style:
When to wear this lens: Everyday/work/school
Very good service

One of the lenses was torn, they sent a replacement tight away. The quality and the contact lenses are perfect.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding and we thank you for your support, Joan! ❤️

Michelle (Toronto, CA)
Preferred makeup style:
When to wear this lens: Everyday/work/school, Night(s) out!, Party/music festival

The different colour patches were a little daunting, but they actually look very natural on the eye <3 If you have dark brown eyes these will make them look like a beautiful hazel. They look great and feel pretty comfortable

Love this! Thank you for the support, Michelle! ❤️

Jane P. (Wilson, US)
Preferred makeup style:
When to wear this lens: Everyday/work/school, Night(s) out!
Super Cute and Shiny!

Absolutely love these lenses! They're super cute and comfortable, and while they're still natural looking, they make my eyes a lot bigger and shinier! Really accentuates and adds to any casual outfit! :)

Glad you love them, Jane! ❤️

Tarriona B.
Preferred makeup style:
When to wear this lens: Everyday/work/school
Like em

They are pretty and not too wildly fake looking

Thank you, Tarriona! ❤️

Yeun-ji k. (Granada Hills, US)
Preferred makeup style:
When to wear this lens: Everyday/work/school
Cute and comfortable

My eyes are sensitive to the monthly contacts but these are extremely comfortable and wearable for every day as it is natural looking

Love this!! Thank you for the support, Yeun-ji Kim ❤️

Robin L.
Preferred makeup style:
When to wear this lens: Everyday/work/school, Casual outings, just once in a while, Night(s) out!, Cosplay/costume, Party/music festival

i-Sha Oriana Edge Plus Shade Grey

Amelia M. (New York, US)
Preferred makeup style:
When to wear this lens: Everyday/work/school
Very comfortable and natural looking

Love them


Discover the transformational 2-methacryloyloxyethyl phosphorylcholine (MPC) lens, crafted with a structure that resembles real human eyes.

You can now wear a lens that is healthier and more comfortable than ever before.



MPC lenses are created using a polymer that maintains a similar structure to the cell membranes of human eyes. It is very similar to the phospholipid molecule, which is naturally found in our bodies. MPC lenses feel natural and you won’t feel like there’s a foreign object in your eye when wearing them.


The MPC material has an extremely high water content of 60%, which provides you with optimal comfort for your eyes all day long while also preventing dry eyes. The more MPC content found in the lens, the more moisture it will hold.


Created with an ionic coating, all MPC lenses repel bacteria and oils that may enter the eye, which helps them stay fresh every time you wear them. Other lenses have microscopic pores that allow proteins to seep through, but MPC ensures you always feel clean and fresh. The higher the MPC content, the lower the amount of protein absorption.


All-Day Comfort

Non-ionic hydrogels repel impurities, keeping your lenses feeling fresh and breathable for longer.

Non-ionic hydrogels maintain freshness

Safety Certified

All lenses are approved by international health authorities, like the FDA, CE/ISO & more.

FDA, CE/ISO & more

Embedded Dye

Our manufacturing technique sandwiches the pigment between two layers of clear hydrogel, ensuring that the dye never touches your eye.

Pigment never touches the eye


What makes us different from cheap color contact lens vendors?

Them Us

Country of manufacture



Internationally certified factories


FDA, CE, ISO & more

Authentic from authorized distributors


Full power range (to -15.00)

Free defective lens replacement

Latest lens technology


Take our quiz to discover your new holy grail and stand a chance to win your perfect pair of color contacts!


Will these color contact lenses work on me?

If you are overwhelmed by the color choices available, we have a 40-second quiz to help you figure out your perfect lens match.

Are colored contacts safe?

Although our colored contacts are designed for beauty, your safety is what we put at the forefront of our minds.

This color contact lens has health certifications from Korea KGMP & FDA and EU ISO/CE at minimum. The full list can be found in the table above.

So you can rest assured when shopping with Eyecandys that any color contact lenses you purchase from our site are completely safe to use with proper care!

How do I clean and care for my color contact lenses?

Here are a few do's and don’ts when it comes to colored contact lens safety.

✅ DO consult your optician or eye doctor before wearing/purchasing a pair of our lenses.

✅ DO wash and dry your hands whenever you handle your lenses or attempt insertion/removal.

✅ DO soak your lenses for two hours in solution prior to inserting them into your eye.

✅ DO wash your lenses in solution if they touch anything besides your eyes.

✅ DO keep your lenses case clean and regularly change the eye care solution.

✅ DO remove the contacts before you go to sleep, bathe, shower or partake in water sports.

✅ DO remove the lenses if you feel any unexpected irritation, soreness or notice redness or excessive eye watering.

✅ DO seek medical advice if you notice any of the conditions mentioned above.

❌ DO NOT use lenses after the recommended duration (E.g. 1 day, 90 days, 1 year). No, refrigerating/freezing them does NOT increase their life span.

❌ DO NOT use tap water, saliva or household products to clean the lenses, only the eye care solution.

❌ DO NOT let the contacts come into contact with any cosmetic products i.e. makeup, deodorants, hair sprays.

❌ DO NOT attempt to insert lenses that seem damaged, broken or torn or in any way compromised.

❌ DO NOT insert more than one pair of lenses into your eye at one time.

❌ DO NOT share lenses with another person.

Any uncertainties or concerns when using contact lenses should be discussed with an eye care specialist or optician. Ensure you know all the tips and tricks before you get started with a pair of colored contact lenses.

What are these color contact lenses made of?

EyeCandys contact lenses are crafted from top-of-the-line hydrogel materials that meet or exceed industry standards for comfort, durability and safety. These ones in particular are made from MPC Silicone hydrogel.

This lens in particular is coated with MPC (2-methacryloyloxyethyl phosphorylcholine), one of the newest color lens materials on the market. This biocompatible material is renowned for its superior hydrating and impurities-resisting properties that closely mimic the surface of our eyes.

Rest assured that our contact lenses are vegan and not tested on animals.

How much is shipping? Where do you ship to?

We ship to most countries, including the US, Canada, Canada, Germany, Russia, China, Thailand, Vietnam, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Brazil, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, South Africa, Mexico, Belgium, Egypt, Portugal, Poland and Hungary for FREE on orders above US$65.00. We also offer FREE Express/3-Day Delivery on orders above US$190.**

Are these color contact lenses reusable?

Yes,these lenses can be reused with proper cleaning and storage for up to Monthly after you open the package.

They may have an indication “for daily wear,” which simply means that you can wear them everyday, up to Monthly after the first wear.

Can anyone wear colored contact lenses?

Unfortunately, colored contact lenses aren’t for everyone. For example, if you suffer from dry eye syndrome, contacts may not be for you. Those who are severely nearsighted may not be able to find contact lenses with a strong enough prescription to fully correct their vision.

Also, some people are allergic to the contact cleaning solution, or even the contacts themselves. As daily cleaning of contact lenses is crucial to eye health for contact wearers, an allergy to the cleaning solution poses a very real issue.

Some doctors recommend that diabetic patients avoid contact lenses as they may be more prone to infection and have more difficulty recovering from infection. Children’s eyes are particularly sensitive and fragile and wearing contacts at a young age could cause eye damage.

People suffering from the following should not wear colored contact lenses, as these eye conditions may be further irritated by inserting lenses:

  • Any eye infections (Such as conjunctivitis)
  • Any corneal conditions (Such as keratitis)
  • Any allergic eye conditions (Such as hayfever)
  • Any chronic disease of the eye (Such as glaucoma)

Please consult your eye care professional as to whether you are eligible for color contact lenses.


3-Day Express Shipping

In-stock orders over US$190 deliver in 3-4 business days with tracked express shipping.

3-Day Express Shipping on US$190+

Product Quality Guaranteed

We quality-check items before sending. But in case you receive a defective item, we'll replace it for free.

Quality Guarantee


Each order comes with free lens cases and/or gifts.

Free Gifts with Every Order

What's Phosphorylcholine (PC) Silicone Hydrogel? (aka PUSCON)

Making its name in the contact lens industry, phosphorylcholine (aka PC or PUSCON) is a biocompatible material commonly used in medical implants and prosthetics. Silicone hydrogel (Si-Hy) is the gold standard in terms of contact lens materials, favored for its high oxygen transmission and moisture retention.

Figure 1

Figure 2

The PC coating minimizes water evaporation from your eye surface, providing long-lasting hydration and comfort. Unlike typical contact lenses, PC’s biocompatibility reduces the risk of irritation caused by protein and lipid buildup.


Approved by the US FDA, GEO Medical PC lenses utilize phosphorylcholine multi-layer coating (PCMLC) technology, stabilizing the lens pigment between two layers of PC silicone hydrogel.

UV Protection

Sun damage is notorious for causing all sorts of premature vision issues. Thankfully, GEO Medical PC lenses having a UV-blocking coating to shield your eyes from UVA and UVB rays.

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