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1, 2, 3 or 4 tones? How many should I have in my color contacts?

From Left to Right: 1-Tone Colored Contact Lenses (NEO Dali Premium Brown, GEO Annex Ring Brown, GEO Magic Black), 2-Tone Colored Contact Lenses (GEO Bella Grey, GEO Nudy Quarter Brown, NEO Ruby Queen Blue), 3-Tone Colored Contacts (GEO Tri Color World Green, GEO Eyescream Chocomousse, NEO Glamour Violet), 4-Tone Colored Contacts (Royal Vision Creamy Brown, NEO Queen Blue, Royal Vision Summer Doll Grey)

Single-Tone / 1-Tone Contact Lenses

One-tone contact lenses are an excellent choice if you want to alter the color of your eyes in a more natural and subtle manner. Opting for 1-tone color contacts do not really require much brainstorming as to whether or not they will look good on you or if they will work well with your natural eye color. For people with light colored eyes, 1-tone contact lenses serve one specific purpose: to darken the hues of your eyes and make them look more intense.

EyeCandy’s GEO Annex Ring Brown is among the 1-tone contact lenses that provide an awesome and beautiful effect to eyes that have lighter hues. Featuring a nice brown hue and a subtle ring effect, this set will look good on virtually any type of eye color. Donning this pair of colored contact lenses provides the wearer a nice doll-like appearance that is both striking and beautiful.

Other 1-tone color contact lenses provide a much darker hue that allows the wearer to adopt a more exotic, or oriental look. The NEO Dali Premium Brown 1-tone lenses, for instance, can add some chocolate sparkle to your eyes with its premium chocolate brown hue that is both exquisite and striking. These lenses provide a dramatic effect to any natural eye color, giving your eyes a fierce yet dazzling appearance.

Black is the new blue; at least that is what some fashion lenses enthusiasts are saying. If that were true, then the GEO Magic Black 1-tone contact lenses are definitely a must-have for any trendy fashionista. Featuring a sparkling black hue, this pair is as dainty as it is exotic. Transform your eyes into a pair of sparkling black pearls and mesmerize your friends and colleagues with the vivid effect it provides once you put them on.

One-tone contact lenses should be subtle enough that it looks natural when worn, but striking enough that it demands a second glance from everyone you meet. These colored contact lenses offer the right balance to compliment the look you are trying to achieve without shocking your friends and the people around you as if you are wearing a pair of costume lenses for Halloween. What you want is the right tone that blends well with your appearance, as if you were born with chocolate brown eyes.

Bi-Tone / 2-Tone Contact Lenses

Two-tone contact lenses are the perfect option for contact lens wearers looking to add beauty and some sparkling effect to their eyes. Two-tone circle lenses are available in a variety colors meant to mesmerize and add some uniqueness and elegance to the wearer’s eyes. Whether you have naturally light or dark color eyes, the right pair of 2-tone circle lenses will definitely give your eyes some personality that will match the impression you are trying to project.

If you have dark colored eyes, the GEO Nudy Quarter Series offers the perfect 2-tone effect that will allow your eyes to sparkle like crystals underwater. This 2-tone circle lens gives off a natural dolly eyes effect that is quite popular among many celebrities and fashion enthusiasts. Available in a variety of colors including blue, brown, gray, green, pink, violet, and golden blue effect, you can literally transform the color of your eyes into whatever hue you desire.

If you want your eyes to emulate the sparkle and glamour of diamonds, the Ruby Queen Series is another 2-tone contact lens design that is guaranteed to put some exquisite shine into your eyes, whatever color they may have. The Ruby Queen Series features a multi-faceted pattern that resembles the characteristics of a diamond. Available in blue, brown, green, gray, and violent hues; your eyes will never look as exquisite and piercing as when you wear a pair of NEO Ruby Queen 2-tone contact lenses.

The GEO Bella Brown 2-tone lenses from Eye Candy’s offer a unique and subtle approach when it comes to supplementing the natural color of the wearer’s eyes and adding some special effects. It’s a circle lens design, so it instantly makes your eyes look a bit bigger than they actually are; which is what most contact lens wearers in the fashion industry actually want. Unlike a 1-tone lens, however, the GEO Bella Brown contact lens provides a bit more texture in terms of the color effects, giving your eyes a more delicate but piercing look.

Depending on the design and the color effect, 2-tone circle lenses can actually give your eyes a fresher and more youthful appearance. Two-tone lenses work just as well with light and dark colored eyes. So go and start picking a color that suits your personality.

Tri-Tone / 3-Tone Contact Lenses

If you want a bolder and classier circle lens design, then 3-tone contact lenses are definitely the best way to go. Three-tone lenses incorporate 3 color shades into 1 contact lens. Working in harmony, the colors in 3-tone lenses will provide a unique and natural sparkling effect to the wearer’s eyes. Whatever the natural color of your eyes are, these circle lenses will give those peepers a shine that is hard to miss.

One particular 3-tone lens you might want to take a look at is the NEO Glamour Gray from the NEO Glamour Series of 3-tone circle lenses. Originating from South Korea, this specific design is 14.2mm in diameter, a base curve of 8.6 with around 42% water content. With proper care and maintenance, the contact lenses can last up to a year. The NEO Glamour features unique and striking hues that will add life to your eyes and give them a classy sparkling effect.

The Tri-Color World Series 14.0mm circle lenses from GEO is also among the most popular when it comes to 3-tone contact lenses. This particular model has a yellowish color pattern in the middle, which actually blends well with both light and dark colored eyes. Available in world blue, green, brown, gray, and violet, the GEO Tri-Color Series produces one of the most natural and sparkling effects in any colored contact lens in the market. That is why the GEO brand has become a worldwide sensation with the different styles and contact lens designs they provide.

If you are going for that cute and sweet look, you should definitely go for the GEO Eyescream Series. The Eyescream Series offer a variety of 3-tone circle lenses that will give your eyes just the right sweetness and elegance. Inspired by one of the most popular sweet treats humanity has ever known, the GEO Eyescream Series is comprised of 3 basic flavors or, in this case, colors: the Choco Mousse, Rayray Gray, and Vanilla Brown. Sounds sweet and tasty? Your eye will never look any sweeter, and cuter, than when wearing a pair of GEO Eyescream circle lenses.

The water content of these lenses varies between 38% and 42%. The Eyescream Series also boasts of a 14.5mm diameter to make your eye look larger and doll-like.

4-Tone Contact Lenses

Bring out your natural beauty with a pair of 4-tone circle lenses. It can’t get any better than this! Four-tone contact lenses are designed to maximize the essence of the wearer’s eyes. Eye Candy’s offers a wide selection of 4-tone circle lenses that are guaranteed to make you look stunning and sweet.

If you want a nice sparkle in your eyes that exudes a unique radiance and beautiful natural hues, the NEO Vision Queen contact lenses is your best bet. The series offers a variety of rich colors that are meant to provide a unique look to the wearer. With the product’s signature dashed limbal ring, your eyes will look larger and more natural. Available in aqua, blue, brown, gray, green, hazel, and violet, these circle lenses are the perfect eye fashion accessory for special occasions. The NEO Queen series comes in 14.2 mm diameter lenses with an 8.6 base curve and a water content of around 45%. These lenses can last up to a year with proper maintenance.

If you go for a 4-tone circle lens that offers doll-like eye features, the Summer Doll Series from Royal Vision may just be the perfect choice for you. This particular series of circle lenses give off vivid hues and a striking pattern design that will surely make your eyes appear doll-like and more playful looking. The Summer Doll circle lenses are available in blue, brown, green, grey, and violet. They are 14.5mm in diameter to ensure an enlarging effect. Water content is around 42% and a base curve of 8.6 for maximum comfort.

When it comes to 4-tone circle lenses, one of the fan favorites is the NEO Vision Lucky Clover 4-Tone Series. It offers a revolutionary design in colored contact lenses. This particular contact line boasts of some of the most brilliant and eye-catching color lenses in the industry. The colors are rather subtle, but they are guaranteed to enhance and bring out the natural beauty of your eyes. Available in three basic colors—brown, gray, and green—these circle lenses will definitely make your eyes sparkle.

The Royal Vision Creamy Series of colored contact lenses is among the most attractive and elegant looking 4-tone circle lenses out there. Available in a variety of creamy colors, your eyes will look sweet and bright with a pair of these circle lenses.

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