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Virtual Try-On: How To Use Our Colored Contacts Before & After Filters

Virtual Try-On: How To Use Our Colored Contacts Before & After Filters

Virtual Try-On: How To Use Our Colored Contacts Before & After Filters

Colored contacts are taking over the world. They are a way for you to have that eye color you’ve always wanted or complete a perfect makeup look. You can find them in all shapes and sizes as well as any shade you desire. Whether you want to use them every day or for a special occasion to provide that extra bit of glamour, they’ll be able to do the job. They’re the new accessory everyone wants, but how do you know if a certain type will suit you before you buy them?

Luckily, Eyecandys has come up with the perfect solution. You can now see colored contacts before and after on all of their best-selling products. If you’ve got naturally brown eyes and are unsure whether blue lenses are the ones for you, there’s an easy way to check. We’ve come up with a filter where you can try on any shade you want there and then. No longer will you regret purchasing the wrong colored contacts, and returns will be a day of the past.

Below is a rundown on how you can use the innovative new tool and what brands Eyecandys have on offer for you to try.

Using the colored contacts before & after filters

Trying on one of Eyecandy’s colored lenses to see whether they suit you is easier than 1, 2, 3. In a few steps, you’ll be seeing the transformation before your eyes, and you’ll find the perfect product for you to purchase. All you have to do is follow these simple steps:


  1. Go to
  2. Hover over the images of our products on display and see how what each lense looks like on each of our models
  3. Head to our @eyecandyscom Instagram page to test out the exclusive filters on yourself
  4. Click the filter button, which looks like 3 stars
  5. Scroll through the options and select the collection you want
  6. Select the ‘try it’ button
  7. Swipe and select the color that you desire to test
  8. Voila! You can now see what our unique colored contacts look like on your eyes

Keep in mind that some of our filters have makeup filters attached to them for a little extra sparkle. If you don’t want this and want to see what our colored contacts before and after look like naturally, you can simply tap your screen to turn it off.

Before you know it, you’ll have found your favorite colored contacts! All you have to do then is add them to your basket on our website, and you can enjoy them without any fear of returns or regrets.

What colored contacts can I try?

We have some fantastic colored contacts collections for you to try, and there’s no doubt one of them will have your new favorite product. If you’re looking for a burst of colors that will brighten up your entire face, then you’re going to want to try out the colored contacts before and after of our Pink Label Prism Series. Available in Prism Pink, Prism Blue, Prism Brown, and Prism Grey, you’ll experience a swirl of different colors that gives off a close-up atmospheric vibe or candy-like appearance from afar.

For more toned down, you may want to try out the Pink Label Pearl Black or the Pink Label Classe Brown Choco. Both provide a realistic style with a dark limbal ring creating a complex effect on your eyes. The Pearl Black will define your eyes, so they pop, and the Choco is the perfect colored contact for brown eyes with a beautiful starburst pattern.

Model is wearing Pearl Black.

Model is wearing Shade Grey.

Go au natural with the Pink Label Shades and EyeCandys Desire Series. Choose from Shade Brown, Shade Blue, Shade Green, and Shade Grey from the former and Toffee Brown, Glacier Blue, Lush Green, and Mist Grey from the latter. Each collection will provide an eye transformation while still looking down to earth. Try each of the colored contacts with prescription or without, and be blown away.


We’ve created our filters to make your shopping experience that much better. You can now grab your favorite lenses that will transform your life without having to worry about whether they suit you or not. So, what are you waiting for? Go and try them now!

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