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Level Up Your Eye Contact

EyeCandys color contact lenses are the sweet treats your eyes need. From the hyper-natural greys and hazels to dazzling blues and pinks, we’ve got every eye color you’ve craved. Go ahead, add a little color to your wink and and let your eyes do the smiling.

Colored Contacts Before After effect: Model wearing the Desire Glacier Blue contact lenses on her naturally dark eyes, with minimal makeup.
Model with dark brown eyes, with minimal makeup, before wearing any color contact lenses

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Animation showing EyeCandys color contact lens packaging, showing a colorful box that houses 5 pairs of colored contacts. The box is pink and purple themed and features cute cartoon illustrations of rabbits with large eyes.
A woman with light skin, dark hair, and green eyes wears neutral makeup with glossy lips. Three close-up images of her eyes showcasing different colored contacts (light blue, green, and gray) from the EyeCandys Isla Set (3 Pairs) by EyeCandys are displayed next to her face. The background evokes tropical paradises with palm leaves and flowers.

Isla Set (3 Pairs)

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Bundle set of 5 peach-inspired pink color contact lenses worn on various models' dark eyes, next to a female model wearing a pink contact lens

Color of 2024: Peach Fuzz Bundle (5 Pairs)

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EyeCandys The G.O.A.T. Set (5 pairs) Color Contact Lens Set - collage of 5 contact lenses (grey, green, blue, ivory and pink) and a model showing the effect of wearing the shade blue contact lens on her naturally brown eyes

The G.O.A.T. Set (5 pairs)

Regular price $121.92 $78.00

Unit price
Collage of various color contact lenses in pink, grey, ivory (hazel), dark grey and light grey, showing the transformative effect over dark irises. On the right is a model wearing the Glossy Ivory looking color contact lens, showing the natural eye-lightening effect on her dark irises.

For Dark Eyes Set (5 Pairs)

Regular price $132.91 $79.00

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Various color contact lens designs, in purple, grey, blue, pink and green, showing an assortment of opaque patterns ranging from radial, flower, rainbow, stars to dotted, designed to transform eyes, on a transparent background

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Color Contact Lenses FAQ

If you’ve got dark eyes and have always wanted to sport lighter ones, you are far from alone! With over 50% of the world having brown eyes, you can be assured that most colored contacts out there are designed for brown eyes. However, that does not mean every colored contact lens will create the look you’re imagining. EyeCandys offers a collection of lenses designed for dark-eye coverage so you can get those bright, vivid eyes you’ve been craving! The Pink Label Shade series offers options in brown, green, blue, and grey designed for maximum coverage. EyeCandys Desire lenses will also help you achieve the lighter look you’ve always desired!